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Impression Lijiang

Fantastic Performance at The Altitude of 3100 meters

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Cathy_joy's photos remind me of another great show we enjoyed last year, called Impression Lijiang. It was put on at the real scene of Yu Long Snow Mountain, when we reached the altitude of 3100 meters.

The performance was completely out doors. Audiences just sat at the center of a lower ground, with a large round stage above, which was built like a huge rock hill around. You may feel like sitting in the fighting field of ancient Rome.
The seats were distributed in the order of ladder, according to the shape of land range, so that people at the back can see what happens at the stage in the front.


What the show mainly presented, to my point of view, is the ethnic culture of different minorities in Yunnan province. Up till now, I can hardly reacall all of them, except Naxi, Moso and Bai...and also a young Moso man, saying he has had 16 wives.Wow! Here you can not judge the behaviors of ethnic groups by law, because they just obey the traditional rules handed down for generations in their community.


Although I can not describe clearly the details of the performance, I often unconciously hum the tune of its theme music Go Home, which is sung in the language of Naxi ethnic minority. Its touching rhythm always automatically brings you to the memory of home and the past...Every time I heard this song, I was deeply moved.


I believe you will have the same feeling as me after enjoying the show.

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What Happened...?

Marvelous "Jade Dragon"

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Here are some photos I took last year when I got to the site of a snow mountain, named "Yu Long" in Chinese. Can you figure out the tiny difference among them? What happened to the snow mountain?


Sun rises! The mountain is likely to be flaming...!

Before I reached the foot of Yu Long, I had never thought it worths a visit. Soon I realized that I would be a fool to miss it when I was more excited than shocked by the beautiful scene. Suddenly, any complaint for getting up at 5:00am was meaningless.

(We were advised to get to the site as early as possible so that we did not have to encounter the crowded groups of tourists and saved more time on sightseeing)

To my view, the sun rise is much more beautiful than the snow scene, although it is well known as snow mountain.


The moutain is located in Yunnan province, southwest of China. "Yu Long" means "Jade Dragon". In China, jade symbolize purity, good virtue, and dragon is always related with imperial power, heavenliness.

In fact, Yu Long is a holy mountain, from which lots of local tales and stories derived. So if you forgot to add this site to your travel plan in Yunnan, it is definitely a pity!

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