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A Great City_Chongqing

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Chongqing, located in the southwest of China, is one of the most typical cities I have ever been to. Besides the hot pot food and the starting point of Yangtze River cruise, which is widely known through the households in China, I've also found much more impressive things.

What do you think a city of hills looks like? Not a city surrounded by hills as I expected before. The city itself is like a hill. Different from Beijing and Shanghai, or maybe any other cities, in which you can walk always on the flat road no matter where you go, however, here in Chongqing, it seems that you can easily encounter a slop or some steps, steep or smooth, where just stand the local buildings. Often we can find a shop or restaurant is below the steep narrow steps. What we feel strange is just the common life that local people take for granted.

The particular landform created special groups of people who make livings by strong muscle of their arms. They are heavers, nicknamed "Bang Bang Jun" in Chinese, meaning soldiers with sticks. Obviously, sticks are the necessary tools to lift goods. They do not work for any company, instead, they just work for themselves. To some extent, it is private business.


During the short stay in Chongqing, we were often confused about the local accent, although one of my friends, whose grandfather was born in Sichuan, knew more about the local language. No matther when we asked the way to some place or took a taxi, Chinese Mandarin was completely useless.

Besides, unlike the north China, dusty and dry, Chongqing has agreeable climate. We seldom saw the shinning sunshine, but we did feel the gentle rain coming down quietly and the fresh air moistening the skin of our face. We even joked that facial moistening products may have no market in Chongqing^_^

Located at the upper reaches of Yangtze River, Chongqing has a particular traffic tool for local people to commute between the riverbanks, besides bus and metro. It is cableway above the river, which can hold nearly 30 people per time. In order to get a birdview of Chongqing City, we just took it to get to the oppsite bank. The view is totally different, so great!


If you have ever been to Chongqing only for taking the cruiseship to Yichang, it was a shame! You should not have missed so many local specials.

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Special Lodgement---Cave

close to Terracotta Warriors

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In Shaanxi Province of China, Yan'an is not the only place where you can see the special local lodgement---Cave.

Driving 10 minutes away from the site of Terracotta Warriors and Horses, you will find some farmer's houses built like caves. The only difference is that the scale is not so large as that of Yan'an, where the caves are distributed in groups.

Terracotta Warriors is just no more than one hour drive away from the downtown area of Xian, while it takes at least 6 hours from Xi'an to Yan'an and you have to stay overnight and come back to Xi'an the next day. Totally 12 hours on the car! Too tired!

Enjoy the photos:

Ducks at the court yard of specal local lodgement---cave

Farmers prefer to keep the corns by fastening them in rows and hanging them against the wall.

Go inside the cave

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