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Water Trip in Shaoxing

Wupeng Boat, "Tai Men"

27 °C

After two hours on the train from Shanghai, we got to Shaoxing as scheduled. Taking a breath of fresh air, I was cheered up from the tiredness of taking trains. And what made me even more excited was the lovely boat going through the waters of the town. It was called Wupeng Boat by local people. "Wupeng" means black cover. The small boat can hold only three people. Luckily, I have one friend with me, so no one will be left alone on another boat.

Wupeng Boat 1

Wupeng Boat 1

Wupeng Boat 3

Wupeng Boat 3

Do you know what "Tai Men" means? Although "Men" in Chinese means door or gate, "Tai Men" actually have nothing to do with it. The picture below is one of the three "Tai Men"s I have visited in Shaoxing---Family Zhou's "Tai Men"

De Shou Tang

De Shou Tang

See? This picture shows that "Tai Men" seems to be a well-decorated hall. The large white board hanged up is inscribed with Chinese charactors "De Shou Tang". "De" means virtue, "Shou" means long life span. "De Shou" means that people with good virtue will be gifted best wishes and longer life span. "Tang" means hall.

In the past, this hall is functioned to welcome guests, hold wedding ceremony or funerals. It is said to be one of the best preserved of Qing Dynasty in Shaoxing.

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Leisure Time in Shanghai

Free walk at Yuyuan Old Street

semi-overcast 25 °C

Speaking of Shanghai, I always relate it with such word as modern, fashion, fast pace of walking and foreign companies.

Howerver, walking into Yuyuan Old Street, my feeling was completely different. It is entirely a traditional Chinese street, comparing with those British style buildings I saw at the Bund. My eye balls can not help to grasp everything at my sight, local food, craft works, souveniors, all kinds of featured commodities, as well as some traditional entertainment. You have lots of things to do here, eating, shopping, playing...

Enjoy Pictures:





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