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My Exciting Summer Trip

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I've just graduated from college this summer,so I want to take a trip before I get a job. Together with me, my girlfriend, has the same idea. We chose Sichuan and Yunnan as our travel destination. We've made a specific plan before we left, in order to fully enjoy our trip.

Our first stop is Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. It's the second time since we got to this city last time. We just love the food in Sichuan. It's hot and spicy. And Chengdu is a place where you can relax your body and ease your mind owing to its beautiful scenes and the cozy lifestyle of local people. We had a great time in Happy Valley, the roller coaster is so thrilling...


Then we got to Kangding and Daocheng. You won't feel dissapointed to come here. Its natural scenery will make you feel how great this place is. It's almost in the boundary of Sichuan and Tibet, so there are many tibetans living here, and the altitude here is about 4500 m, with the temperature of only about zero centigrade. Remember to bring some coats, or you will be frozen.


At last, we got to Shangri-la and Lijiang. Lijiang is famous as ancient town. Entering the town, you feel like getting to a new place which is isolated from the outer world. You just think about nothing and forget all the burdens in city life. Just enjoy your new life! The distinctive hostels, delicious foods, colorful night life, all these elements will make you feel you don't want to leave this place.

"Tao Hua Wu" is the best place to take a bird view of Lijiang ancient town.

How wonderful to spend evening time with friends at the bar of Lijiang ancient town

It is said the rivers are interconnected in this world. Then how about making a wish upon a lamp floating on the river in Yunnan of China? i am wondering if it would drift to Venice and my wish would become true in Europe


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